What is Slideshare Downloader?

Slideshare downloader is an online tool for downloading slide share presentations in your mobile, IOS or desktop devices.

Slideshare is quite popular among working-class as it allows you to create awesome presentations within a few minutes, however; there is no official option from Slideshare to download those PPT files that’s why you would always need an online Slideshare downloader for this purpose.

You can only access Slideshare downloader online as it’s not available in any sort of offline means.

Steps to download Slides from Slideshare

To download your personal Slideshare PPTs, you need to follow these simple and easy steps in proper sequence otherwise you may encounter an error or bug.

  1. Open the Slideshare account from your web browser.
  2. Copy the complete link of that particular Slideshare Document that you want to download using D4down‘s download Manager.
  3. Paste its URL in the search section above and click the download button.
  4. Wait for few seconds until our tool grabs your PPT.
  5. The download process will be started automatically within a few minutes. However; make sure that your internet connection is not slow otherwise you may experience some delays.
  6. You’re done downloaded files save in your Gallery of the operating system.

Why People use Slide share Downloader to Download Files?

These are the most common reasons for using Slide Share Downloader among thousands of Slideshare users.

  • It allows you to download your favorite PDF file, PowerPoint Presentation, infographics, slideshow Presentations, PDF documents, and PPT file.
  • You can save a copy of your presentations on your device as it will aid you in case of any account-related problems.
  • With Slideshare downloader, you can download the most relevant presentations of other professionals in your field and make the best out of it.
  • With this online tool, you can avoid the need for any crappy download managers that occupy a lot of CPU resources and storage space of your system.
  • It’s completely free to use the tool and you won’t be asked for any payment details ever.
  • There is an official Linkedin Slideshare app but you can’t download files from there so you can download files from Linkedin Slideshare by using d4down’s downloader.


High-Quality Graphics

As we all know that presentations that are made using Slideshare are available in various picture qualities that’s why we are offering the highest available graphic qualities while downloading slide share presentations using Slideshare downloader by d4down.

Zero Wait Time

There is no need to wait while downloading your favorite Slideshare PPTs because every user is given the utmost priority, unlike other platforms where you need to face long ques.

Fast Speed

We have created this platform using a high-speed backend system to ensure the fastest possible download speed to our beloved users. On average it won’t take more than a minute to download any slide share presentation using our slide share downloader.

Safe & Secure

D4down is a 100% secure platform where you can download your favorite Slideshare presentations without worrying about any privacy risks. All the data is instantly deleted as soon as the download process ends and we do not save anything in your servers during any part of the process.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is there any limit of files I can download?

No, you can download unlimited files without any issues.

What will be downloaded Document Format?

You can download the document file in any format like PDF,  PPT, Infographics, ppt file, PDF format, and PowerPoint also. You can download the Every Uploaded document from share by using d4down Slideshare download Option,

How long it takes to download a Slideshare presentation?

It depends, usually; it takes less than a minute or so, however; if your internet speed is slow then it might take longer than usual.

Can I download Slideshare presentation using my iPhone, iPad, PC, Mac, Mobile Device, and Android app?

Yes, you can easily download slide share presentations using any device of your choice as there is no restriction from our side. You can download individual slides by using iPhone, iPad, PC, Mac, Mobile Device, and any Android app or IOS app.

Is it authorized to download slide share content?

According to the terms and conditions, there is no restriction or limitation as everyone can access those presentations that can be downloaded using our online tool.