What is the Instagram profile picture viewer?

With Instagram profile picture viewer you can load the Instadp of any Instagram account. Instagram doesn’t provide the option to see the profile picture.

D4down helps to view profile pic and download it the profile photo in high resolution. With the help of this tool, you can see the Instagram profile photo of any profile image.

Sometimes the user has a private Instagram profile. You can’t even view their complete Instagram bio nor their Instagram feed activity. You can at-least stalk that Instagram user by loading their pic in maximum Instagram photo size available.

The profile viewer loads the DP even if the account is a business profile or any Instagram page. See how others are creating their profile pictures and craft your perfect Instagram profile picture yourself.

Don’t forget to explore our tool which is an Instagram story app. It saves the picture from the stories.

Steps to Download Instagram Profile Picture in original Size

To download any of your favorite Instagram profile picture size, you would need to strictly follow these simple and easy steps as mentioned below in a proper sequence.

  1. Open the Instagram app.
  2. Copy the username of the Instagram profile.
  3. Now paste the complete URL in the search section of d4down.
  4. Wait for few seconds until the thumbnail of that particular Instagram photo is displayed.
  5. Now click the download button to download the Instagram profile picture in your device.

Your photo will go straight into your download folder of your PC and in the gallery folder of your mobile device. You can repeat this process to save the image from insta again profile page again and again.

What are the benefits of Instadp?

There are vast numbers of benefits of using our Instagram profile picture downloader, however; here are some of those core benefits that you would also love to experience.

  1. You can download any Instagram profile pictures of your favorite celebrities and influencer to keep them as a record in your device in the form of a picture.
  2. You can get some stunning images from Instagram that can be used in your Instagram post which can be a shared image on your photo feed.
  3. With Instagram profile viewer, you can save a collection of all your photos or InstaDp on Instagram so that you can save a backup of your memories in case of any issue with your Instagram account. This greatly helps to maintain your Instagram business profile.
  4. Repos the images on your other social media accounts like Facebook profile, Twitter, and Snapchat, etc.
  5. Awesome platform for collecting HD picture‘s for your fashion, lifestyle, or news blog.
  6. Your Instagram dp can be saved and served as a perfect Facebook profile picture size.
  7. Need to crop, the downloaded DP is already in square photo. It can also be used as your cover photo after slightly cropping.

Features of Instagram private profile viewer

Even though it’s hard for us to specify all the important features in a single article, however; here are some of the most noteworthy features of the Instagram profile pic viewer.


You can now download the Instagram profile picture within a few seconds without any restriction of image size.D4down is one of the fastest platforms to offer Instagram profile picture downloads without any hassle to the followers.

Unique Additions

We have also added some tons of exciting and unique features that are rarely seen anywhere else. Services such as Instagram profile downloaders are not available anywhere else, however; we are offering all these premium services free of cost. Use your unique profiles to fit in your Facebook cover photo of your Facebook page.

Regular Updates

D4down is an ultimate app that is regularly updated as there are several changes in the Instagram algorithm daily, so it’s our utmost priority to keep this platform running smoothly so that our followers don’t have to experience any inconvenience while viewing any social media profile.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use the Instagram Profile Picture of Any User?

Yes, you can use any Instagram Profile Picture or image but you need to ensure that you are not using it for any unfair means such as any business purpose or commercial activity. All you need to have is their username.

Is it legal to use Insta DP viewer?

Yes, almost every Instagram celebrity wants him/herself to be famous so there is no need to worry about anything. However; it’s your moral responsibility to first ask for permission before using anyone else’s username or picture on social media, especially if he/she is not a celebrity or public figure.

Just like Facebook, Instagram is also a social networking app that is open to every user and their followers.

Is InstaDP free to use?

Yes, InstaDP downloader is 100% free to use and you won’t be asked for any sort of credit card or payment details ever. Sharing the image on any social media platform is also free.

Does D4down store any data?

Keeping the privacy of our users has always been our top priority, that’s why we do not save any data on our servers. All the downloading is done on users’ mobile or desktop browser.