What is Insta Stalker?

When a person harasses or persecutes you with undesired or obsessive attention, he/she is called a stalker Instagram.

Instagram stalking term is derived from cyberstalking, which is used in a broader sense of online harassment.

How can stalkers on Instagram use D4down?

You must have read about Instagram Stalkers from here and there. Insta stalkers are those who visit your profile without even following you. It is because they do not want to reveal their identity and want to keep themselves hidden. It can be creepy and dangerous at times.

These Instastalker can even hack your profiles, which is a real danger.

Steps to Use Instagram Stalker Online Tool

If you are trying to stalk a private Instagram account then you should be aware of how to properly do it. Following step by step guide you will be able to see Instagram followers, an Instagram story, and Instagram post of any Instagram user or private account.

1.      Open the Instagram App and copy the username of insta account.

2.     Open D4down’s intastalker.

3.     Paste the link in the search box.

4.    Press the  “Download” button and all the Instagram feed will start displaying.

You will now be able to see the profile picture, post, ig story, insta story, photo of any Instagram page.

Safe and Easy

D4down has the best Instagram private profile viewer. It does not require any login credentials from you. It is also recommended to use any second account to avoid any spammers using a fake account.

You get a one-window view of every social activity on a profile. You might know any 3rd party app for ig story viewers but safety and easy interface makes it the best choice.

Unlimted & Flexible

While trying to stalk any private Instagram user, it can be very challenging to find any unlimited service. Users post the story for insta every day and you need a tool that provides unlimited services 24/7.

Who Checks or View Your Instagram Profile?

D4Down allows you to check who has viewed your Instagram profile. Most of the people who don’t like your profile, neither they follow your account, start stalking. Did you ever think about what you will do if your well-known business account went into the hands of your rival?

Yes, Instagram Stalking websites allow people to hack accounts without letting the owners know. You can lose all the worth of your business if you don’t protect your account.

Instagram is one of the most used social media platform these days. People use it to share their life achievements and routine life. Some people use Instagram just for the sake of entertainment.

Instagram does not provide any direct feature that explains who is visiting your profile. Somehow, you can check on who has seen your Instagram Stories.

With D4down, you can find out any account, even if you don’t know the exact username. As you start typing the username, our advanced tool stalker Instagram starts guessing whom you want to find. From the list, you can click on that person’s username and go to the account directly.

Why Choose D4down?

  • We provide a free and simple tool.
  • You don’t have to install any third-party app.
  • Your identity will be hidden.
  • We have a user-friendly interface.

Why People Check Your Instagram Account?

  • People check the profiles of celebrities because they want to know about what is going on in their lives and what they are up to.
  • Some people visit the business accounts to get some ideas and strategies to boost their business.
  • Friends also stalk each other at times, because they want to know about their daily life.


Can You check who visits your Instagram profile?

No! with Instagram, only you cannot check who visits your account.

Is D4down Insta Stalker anonymous?

This Instagram Stalker website lets you browse secretly through Instagram to see different accounts and stories. You don’t need to log in for this, and you can watch photos, videos, stories, comments even without opening your Instagram account.

How to stalk accounts using iPhone or iPad (Also works for android devices & PC)

Ig Stalker can use any device. The process will be the same from any device or internet browser.

Can I stalk a private profile?

Yes, but there might be few limitations if the user has set some restrictions on their profile. The Instagram viewer will still be able to extract a few things like instadp, Instagram photo, etc. In some cases the story viewers might not work, for it, you need to refresh the webpage.

Can I see the friend list through d4down’s viewer?

Yes, you will be able to see the friends and the followers of the profile you are stalking.

Are Stalker apps still working in 2020?

Absolutely Yes, d4down can help stalk any social network like instagram, twitter or facebook. The tool works perfectly fine till date.