Why Can’t I Add Someone On Facebook Even I Can See Their Profile

Facebook is a kind of platform which creates sometimes much confusion for an ordinary Facebook user because of its diverse features. Many people face a problem and their query are also unique that ‘Why can’t I add someone on Facebook even I can see their profile‘. his is because people are usually not aware of its unique features so they get worried. If we notice even a simple Facebook profile page consists of many options like the message, add friend, Facebook stories, photo albums, about and all that.

Therefore, I am going to address this unique query regarding a Facebook account which may become confusing for the other users. Cheers!

Why Can’t I Add Someone On Facebook As a Friend?

In the facebook setting, you can manage many things by going into account settings of privacy settings. Such as Facebook post privacy, followers, How would you like people to watch your timeline? Who can contact you? In this section, you can change who can find you on Facebook, and who is your eligible Facebook friend to be in your friends list. You just need to make some changes in your privacy settings and that’s it!

*You can control everything except for the message in the Facebook setting.

Already you knew this if someone’s personal profile got some privacy then you can follow him and add as a friend.

But some people remove their add friend icon in order to avoid excessive friend requests and friend suggestions in the newsfeed. In that case, you can message them on the messenger app. Usually, visitors see only those photos in someone’s personal account which they made public. Even when a new friend┬ávisits your profile it looks strange and he might think that he is blocked.

Follow the steps below in order to hide the friend request option in the Facebook app:

How to Hide The Friend Request Option?

Go to your Facebook timeline on a browser.

  • On the top right corner click the icon and go to the settings.
  • Then on the left sidebar in a menu bar, click on the Privacy.
  • In the ‘How people find and contact you’ section, you can see an option in the app “Who can send you a friend request?
  • From there you can click on edit and set the privacy.

why can't i add someone on facebook

There are two available options for you, first is Everyone and second is friends of friends. Therefore, if you have no mutual friends with someone, another person cannot add you as a friend.

There is one good this that is the message option this cannot be changed. Facebook put this option permanently in order to contact each other. Therefore, people cant hide this option from their timeline. Even they can hide their profile picture. However, if someone sends you a message it will go in the request message section and you have an option to accept or reject it.

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This feature is also the same on Instagram. If someone who is not in your followers, the message will go into the request section. There are all sorts of activities that prevent people from seeing unwanted content. There is only one part of the Facebook message that the user cannot control. Therefore, hiding the message option is out of your control.

Wrap It Up!

Facebook app is the global media with too many different features that engage users in it. People might find it difficult sometimes to manage them. That’s why I am here to solve all of your issues. I have almost explained everything in detail to solve your query. I hope you’ll get benefit from that. Tell us about your views!

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