What Will Be The Perfect Twitter Header Size? | An Effective Guide

Twitter has become a great social media platform where people speak freely via their tweets. People usually struggled with Twitter header dimensions in a Twitter account. However, no need to be worried about this as it is a common problem! Twitter has provided even some guidelines regarding Twitter header size still, it is difficult to get get the right size. This is because Twitter crops picture size just like a Facebook cover photo even after following the guidelines.

Moreover, people also worried about how the header photo scales across different screen resolutions. But here is good news that I gathered some data in a form of this article that covers complete details regarding twitter cover & header size and wants to share with you people so that your problem will be solved.

Complete Guidelines For Twitter Header Photo

First, you need to get some information about the perfect twitter cover photo size before understanding some optimizing tactics.

  • I recommend 1500px by 500px which has an aspect ratio of 3:1 for a Perfect twitter header size.
  • It does not matter whether you use JPG, GIF, or PNG photo format. The Twitter image does not support animated GIF for twitter profile photo or header images.
  • It is also recommended that Twitter profile image Twitter and banner image sizes should be less than 2MB.

Now the problem comes here, even if you follow these guidelines, still your image on the header does not look accurately like that as you originally uploaded. This is because you need to cover that empty area nearby your profile picture.

Let’s get some information about covering the profile picture area and the invisible area.

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An Estimate for your profile picture

Keep in mind that your Twitter profile picture should not interfere with your header photo. Doing this is much complicated because the position of your profile picture in relation to the cover image actually changes and it depends on your device and screen’s resolution.

e.g, When you see the Twitter header size on your laptop at the full expanse, the profile picture occupies more place of the header picture. When the header is viewed on the mobile, the profile picture moves down and balances accordingly.

Moreover, you should also need to look at your phone just to see the twitter banner size and dimensions. When you’ll see the Twitter banner displayed on a mobile phone, the profile picture slides &  adjusts accordingly. Due to this the header image becomer large and more visible

What Is The Perfect Twitter Header Size?

Some recommendations regarding your Twitter header dimensions:

  • Banner size must be of 1500px by 500px
  • You need to leave some empty space on the left corner of the downside to manage the size of the profile picture at different screen size and resolutions.
  • Also, leave some space at the above and downside of your header image.

I recommend leaving a bit of space on the top and bottom of your banner photo because in Twitter’s may do some minor copping.

How to Make a Twitter Banner with Different Templates?

Twitter banner or twitter header template helps the users to understand the process of making perfect banner size with proper measures. 

 Twitter Header Size

You can choose templates of your choice from twitter header maker at Snappa. You need to choose the desired size and then select a template to start from scratch.

twitter banner size

When you design Twitter header images, you’ll notice the empty areas that you need actually. You can even manage this on and off.

Wrap It Up!

Optimization of your pictures, twitter header, or banner will be proved beneficial for you and many things become more manageable for you. I hope this guide helps you to make an ideal Header with an exact size as I explained each and every detail above.

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