Twitch Panel Size

The Perfect Twitch Panel Size For Your Twitch Channel

Do you want your Twitch channel to be famous? Then make sure your channel branding is on point. In order to make your channel famous among audiences then you need to add proper twitch panel size, twitch overlay or animated overlay, twitch banner, profile banner twitch emote size, and overall twitch layout, etc. These things will give Ideas to your viewers about what you’ll be streaming.

I explained everything in my blogs about Twitch except twitch panel size and its dimensions preferable for a twitch streamer and its channel. This blog post will give you information about the usage of a twitch panel template for panel sizes and dimensions to create the best panel designs and twitch graphics to bring an audience to your channel.

What is a Twitch Panel?

In twitch live streaming world, twitch panel is something boxes or graphics that appear below your live streaming platform in your streaming twitch profile on twitch. The purpose of using them is to manage information about a user’s stream properly. Moreover, it helps to create surveys or something similar to engage the viewers.

Perfect Twitch panel size

The perfect panel size must be 320 x 160 pixels. The dimensions of a Twitch panel have a fixed width of 320 pixels and but you can adjust the height according to your requirements. Moreover, try to keep the Twitch panel image file size below 2.9 MB.

For the best possible HD quality for your stream panel, I would recommend a twitch panel size and dimensions with 640 x 320 pixels and it is almost double from which mentioned above.

How To Use Free Twitch Panel Maker?

There are many free tools to create and manage cover image, twitch banner size, image size, custom emote, twitch logo, and free twitch overlay. If you’re looking to create a free Twitch panel, Snappa is a good tool. Here you can create a perfect panel with custom designs for your twitch account.

  • Visit the Snappa tool website.
  • There you’ll see an option of twitch panel under header & banners.

twitch panel size

  • Click that, and start creating from scratch from your favorite templates.

You can use customize text, icons, and graphics.

Add Text to Your Panel Design: Go to the text tab and add a heading. Now you can customize your text by using different font colors, styles, and attributes as per your needs.

Choose Your Twitch Panel Icons: At Snappa, different Twitch panel icons. The wide selection includes icons for social media that accurately represent the type of panel you are planning for your Twitch channel.

Select Images For Your Twitch panel: Although there you’ll find a great collection of free stock of images that you can use for your panel. You just need to download the image from the stock or from your computer and then upload it to your twitch account.

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Types of Panels

here are many different types of twitch panel ideas that you can use to add in your Twitch channel. Don’t dd too many panels because viewers get confused.

About Me Panel

This panel is designed to show a little summary of your channel or about stream. This can represent your introduction to your new followers. Keep in mind not to add too much text in this panel. Be sort and concise.

Discord Channel Panel

If you have a Discord channel, then you must add a Twitch panel that links to your Discord server. The purpose is to engage viewers and to interact with them on other platforms.

Sponsored Twitch Panel

In order to attract sponsors who are willing to pay to promote their brand on your Twitch stream.

Stream Merchandise Panel

You can also make money after getting some followings through selling your own merchandise. You can promote your channel by using Twitch panels to get more visibility.

Panel Schedule

Add up a stream schedule in your cover photo or twitch profile picture. Now you can add it in your twitch panel. As it is most important to show consistency in your stream because it is a key factor in becoming successful on Twitch.

Social Media Panel

The purpose of social media panels to promote your different social media platforms so that viewers get an idea about your availability at other platforms. So add up the relevant social channels that you really use.

Twitch Donation Panel

Another panel that holds a donation button, helps you to tell your viewers to an external website where they can donate money to support your stream.

All In All!

It is great to be able to create your own panels for your stream because it allows you to promote your channel’s branding. These panels can help you to be successful and prominent from the rest. Make your own customized panels. I hope all problems will be solved after reading this article.