Twitch Emote Size

An Ultimate Guide On Twitch Emote Size, Dimensions & Ideas

Until now no social media platform has taken place of twitch, as it is one of the most popular platforms for real-time interaction with twitch streamer and twitch viewers. Along with other unique aspects and features here comes another aspect of twitch emoticon. Everyone wants to create their own emote with perfect twitch emote size to share in twitch chat just to make communication more interesting and mind-blowing.

With your custom emote you can chat with others in a very unique language of graphics and emojis. With the change in trends, culture, and memes everyone makes it’s own unique emote just like you design your own twitch profile picture, offline banner, etc. 

Read this article to get complete information on twitch emote size and dimensions so you can become an emote artist.

What Do You Know About Twitch Emoticon?

Twitch emotes are essentially special emoticons or kind of emojis that you can use to communicate support for a streamer or to convey a message or emotion incorporated with its image. It’s almost impossible to watch aTwitch stream without encountering a classy emoticon.

They are created by the host of a Live stream so that stream viewers can use them to communicate with the live video. Emoticons can be made from the latest trends, memes, and images that are relevant to a specific Twitch stream.

What is The perfect Twitch emote Size?

The best Twitch emote sizes would be 28 x 28 pixels for web, 56 x 56 pixels for Retina display, and 112 x 112 for larger platforms with an appearance ratio of 1 by 1. You have to present in all 3 sizes to twitch. Moreover, your twitch emote file must be less than 25kb and it is necessary to be a png file with a transparent background.

Twitch Emote Guidelines

Before making your Twitch emoticons, make sure that your design follows the Twitch emote guidelines given by twitch. After you submit your emotes then it will go through a Twitch emote approval process.

Here are some guidelines that are given by their own website. I sm going to explain some of the relevant guidelines out of them.

  • You need to make emotes in 3 dimensions 28 x 28, 56 x 56, 112 x 112.
  • Avoid copyrighted images & logos
  • The emotes file must be in PNG format with a transparent background.
  • The size of a file should not exceed 25kb.

The Twitch emote approval time depends on the performance of your account. If your account is not something you want then, Twitch will need a long time to approve emoticons and sub badge.

Free Twitch Emote Maker

Now that you have all the information you need to create an emoticon, you maybe wonder How to make emotes for Twitch? Simply, you can make a Twitch Emoticon in few minutes.

First, start with the largest dimensions of twitch overlay size (112 x 112 pixels). Later you will be able to easily resize the design.

twitch emote size

Next, you’ll want to pick an image/icon from the twitch dashboard to use for your emoji. You can take it from the free image stock and upload it there.

twitch emotes

With mind-blowing guidelines, you’ll want to make sure you remove the background from your photos. So if your image has a background, I would suggest using a tool called “”.

Then export the image so that it will be approved by Twitch. You can resize the image with the dimensions 56 x 56 pixels and 28 x 28 pixels and export them with the exact same settings. You should have all three of your Twitch emotes to be exported into your downloads. So you can use them with your twitch partner.

In order to optimize and compress the images to meet the 25kb file size requirement. You can use a tool like Tiny.PNG to reduce the file size without losing quality.

Custom Twitch Emote List

Here is the list of the best sources to get Twitch emotes. Give it a read!


It is a browser extension to improve your Twitch emoticons. By using this you can use other popular twitch emoticons also.

Commission Emote Artists on Twitch

Twitch hosts a number of artists who live on the platform. You can support any other Twitch Streamer by searching for artists to commission your custom quotes. You can visit through art channels and connect with artists who can meet your emoticon requirements and get a price!

Twitch Emote List

Here is a website where you can see emoticons that popular streamers are using. But you need to get permission in order to use that owner’s emote for your channel.

Examples of Twitch Emote Ideas

If your emotes will be creative then there are more chances that viewers will subscribe to your twitch channel. Here you can see some ideas of the most amazing streamers.

Here is a popular streamer Amournanth who applies its simple approach with the images. He adds some extra text to the image makes it easier to understand and adds an element of creativity to the custom emotes.

Another example is of Faker who uses custom twitch emotes. He most likely ordered his emojis and his approach with using images with icons piled onto the photo is amazing.

The last example is of streamer NickEh30 who made his twitch emotes by taking screenshots of his own zoomed face. He then just adds a simple border around them. His emoticons are interesting.

Final Thoughts

If you want to design your own customize emotes with a perfect twitch emote size to increase your subscribers then you need to follow these guidelines. By compiling a list of relevant emotes and encouraging your audience to use them, you will have greater success with your live stream.