Why Instagram Keeps Crashing? | An Ultimate Solution To the Problem

Nowadays, we all are aware of Instagram crashing issue. This Instagram issue is no longer a new thing for Instagram users. People are just like ‘Instagram keeps crashing and we need a solution!

People are now used to the Insta crashing problem but still, they are looking for some ways to avoid this app crash issue. Sometimes they just delete app cache, uninstall the Instagram app, etc, etc. It is really annoying when we just open up Instagram to see with what’s going on and scroll down through our feeds that we suddenly realize that Instagram keeps crashing and put us out of the app continuously.

I know people are looking for a solution to this problem. That’s why I gathered some ideas to fix your crashing issue. Read the details below:

Why Instagram is not working?

By writing this blog I can share my knowledge with you people for the sake of fix the Instagram app crashing issue. Therefore, after reading this article, there is no need to run to places such as twitter, to check if Instagram is not working. Some reasons are mentioned below to solve your issue about why Instagram keeps crashing.

Due to an Instagram outage

The main reason behind the popular app keeps crashing is that Instagram servers have crashed and the app‘s operating system is down for everyone, and this is true. So, the outage form Instagram’s side is one of the reasons.

Poor internet connection

Sometimes there is no mobile device issue, server issue, etc rather Instagram account crash is due to a poor internet connection. It is possible that your network might be down for some reasons and you are facing low connection speed. So, when Instagram hanged up kindly check if everything is fine about the connection.

Low memory storage in your device

When your android device does not have sufficient memory for the background apps to work, there surely would be problems operating applications. So, consider the low memory issue also that leads to your Instagram application crashing.

What To Do When Instagram is down?

As an Instagram user, we need to find out the problem when Instagram is actually down. There is a need to know whether Instagram is down for everyone, or that’s just us who’s Instagram is not working.

There are two methods that I prefer to do when Instagram is down.

Visit Instagram outage report websites

There are some websites that give you instant information when Instagram is not working. These sites are not only limited to Instagram but also provide outage information about Facebook, Twitter, etc. Down Detector is one of the websites which gives out detailed information about the Instagram crash. Therefore, whenever you feel like your Instagram is not working, go to the down detector website search for Instagram to see is there are any global outage reports.

Investigate through Twitter

Another method to find out the Instagram is down or not is through Twitter. It is a well-known platform for being the first place to figure out whether there are any problems on Instagram or not. You just need to click on hashtags instead of writing “Instagram down” or “Instagram down again” on Twitter’s search box.

From there, visit the “latest” tweets on the relevant hashtag the last tweet on this hashtag. If you see that so many people tweeting about the same issue and a huge percentage of tweets are recent, Then it is a confirm news about Instagram is not working globally, and you are not alone.

Moreover, there is a popular twitter account regarding reporting issues when there is an Instagram problem. You can follow that account to be on recovery mode or update on any news regarding Instagram outages just turn on the tweet notifications for that account and receive the news.

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How To Fix When Instagram keeps crashing?

As I have told you above that there are two main reasons for insta crashing that Instagram’s site is down and the second one is a problem on your device. Otherwise, you need to find ways to solve these problems since it is very frustrating to keep getting errors. I have tried a few ways to solve these issues and I want to share with you people. Read the solutions below!

Free some storage

One of the main reasons why Instagram or any other app starts giving errors is the lack of space on our memory and storage. This causes an application to slow down since the app’s cache did not have enough space to perform actions. Therefore, try to clear your media and unwanted files.

Clear Instagram’s data and cache

Another way to solve this problem is to clear any unwanted files and cache data that are no longer needed. To do this, just go to > Settings > Apps > All apps > Instagram > Storage >Clear storage> Clear cache. From this, extra data would be removed and that will help you to solve your issue.

Check the network connection

The next possible way is to check your internet connection while you face this kind of problem. Whenever you feel like something is wrong with your Instagram account, check your network connection or WIFI to fix your problem.

Update Your Application

Updates are usually available in the play store. When the Instagram updates, it contains the app’s previous bug fixes. That’s why I always prefer checking google play or app store to see if there are any newer versions available. This might help to solve the insta crashing problem.

 Instagram Keeps Crashing

Uninstall Instagram and Then Reinstall

The solution of uninstalling apps and reinstalling them can help not only Instagram but also other apps. Whenever your device is not working at that time try to uninstall them to later re-install them at least once.

Restart your device

One more thing I do when my insta is not working is to soft reset or switch off my phone and again restart it. This actually works. From starting again any device may hopefully be fixed minor Instagram problems.

Does Instagram keep crashing Again?

If, after applying all of the above methods, your Instagram keeps crashing and all the solutions turn out to be useless, then you should prefer factory reset. If Instagram means a lot to you, then try this last option and hope it works. In most cases, this last method has been successfully combined with any Instagram outage.

Wrap It Up!

Instagram plays a great role roll in our daily lives, and that’s why we cannot accept the problem of insta crashing. I have explained everything above to solve your problem. So I hope you’ll get rid of this problem. Share your views in the comments.

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