How to View Old Instagram Stories

Stories are becoming an increasingly popular way for people to share their day’s events and other special moments in their lives. Almost every social media application allows you to post stories, and Instagram is one such app. A lot of Instagram users believe that pictures, videos, or other files shared as stories, disappear after 24-hours. However, as it turns out, it is not exactly the case. Through a feature introduced by Instagram in December 2017, you can not only view but also download your previously uploaded stories. Int his article, we will guide you through how to see old Instagram stories, even after 24-hours.

How to view your old Instagram stories

This clock icon allows you to view stories that you have already uploaded. Selecting this icon will lead you to a screen where you will be able to see all your past Instagram stories, and even download it on your phone, or even repost it.


view your old Instagram stories

This archive will probably go back a few months, depending upon how long after the introduction of the new feature did you upload your Instagram.

However, if clicking the clock icon displays nothing, you need to alter your Instagram settings:

view your old Instagram stories

Go to the ‘Story Controls’ option and turn on the ‘Save to Archive’ option. This will make sure that, from then onwards, any story that you upload will automatically be saved for later viewing and downloading. However, naturally, you will not be able to view the stories that you had shared prior to activating this option. Normally, though, this option is activated by default.

Instagram stories

You can also store your videos or photos on your phone’s camera roll. Selecting the ‘settings’ icon at the top-left of the archived folder will display a ‘Save to Camera Roll’ option. Turning it on will save your pictures to your mobile’s gallery, from the next time on. Conversely, you can also turn off this feature so that Instagram stops saving all your stories on your phone.

Now, any time you wish to go back and revisit a story from the past, all your past videos and photos will be available for you to reminisce and refresh your memories.

How to view somebody else’s Instagram stories

Even though all stories disappear from the normal Instagram page and gets saved in the archives folder of the poster, there are exceptions. Some stories are converted into ‘highlights’ by the person who shared them, and highlights stay on until the poster himself or herself decides to delete them. Viewing someone’s highlighted stories involves a pretty straightforward procedure:

  • Open the Instagram application.
  • Search for the person whose highlighted stories you wish to view.
  • Underneath the ‘stories’ segment, you will be able to see certain highlights. Select the one you want to view, and that particular story will open.

Note that it is only possible for you to view already disappeared stories on Instagram if the uploader has kept them as highlights.

In conclusion, some of the most beautiful memories and posts are shared as stories, and there is no reason that you should not be able to view them after 24 hours. Using the aforementioned methods, you will not only be able to view all your own stories, but also certain stories of other Instagram users.

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