How to Upload Videos to Instagram from PC

Instagram is one of the liveliest and most interactive social media applications, around. It allows us to monitor the lives and events of our loved ones, as well as to share our own special memories with people we care about.

Although Instagram is mainly used for sharing pictures, it is a convenient way to upload videos as well. Using a mobile phone, the procedure to share a video is pretty simple and straightforward.

However, if you use Instagram from your PC, things get a little tricky, since Instagram does not really allow the sharing of pictures or videos from its windows application.

But, not to worry, since there are ways around it, and, by the end of this article, you would have learned a couple of those ways, which are pretty uncomplicated.

However, before starting, please note that, for your video to upload on Instagram, you need to follow the following rules set by Instagram:

  • Your file should not be larger than 100 MBs.
  • The video should not be more than sixty seconds long.
  • The frame rate should be within 30 FPS.
  • The dimensions should not be more than 1080.
  • It should be preferably in MP4 format.
  • The landscape aspect ratio should be 1:91:1.
  • The square aspect ratio should be 1:1.
  • Vertical aspect ratio should be 4:5

Uploading videos on Instagram through PC:

1)     ShotCut:

As mentioned previously, it is unfortunate that Instagram does not yet allow the sharing of videos or pictures from its windows application. Even though you can access certain tools and apps to share videos through your PC, almost all such tools charge hefty subscription fees and can be shut down overnight. However, we will guide you on how to download, edit, and post your videos on Instagram, for absolutely no cost.

How to Upload Videos to Instagram from PC

Firstly, you would need to crop your video to a length that is adequate for an Instagram post. Cropping can be performed on Instagram itself, but the tools available are rather simple, and might not serve the purpose. Hence, it is better to utilize software that has been designed particularly for editing and cropping video clips.

Out of such apps available for free, ShotCut is considered to be the best one. It is straightforward and simple to maneuver and gets the job done for an Instagrammer.

Once you are done with the cropping, the next step is to trim and export the video. Dragging and dropping the clip will from the preview section onto the timeline allow you to choose the point where you want the video to begin. Select the “Split at Playhead” option, and right-click on the portion of the video you wish to eliminate, and hit “Clear”. Repeat the same procedure with the prune towards the end of the video.

Once satisfied, go to ‘File’ and choose the ‘Export’ option (ensure that MP4 is the chosen export format). Adjust the height and width to identical values, so that the video turns square.

Hit ‘Export’, type in a file name, and select ‘Save’. Upon doing this, the video will start encoding and once that is complete, you can upload the video to Instagram, using a Dropbox account.

2)     Gramblr

This is another free desktop application that can be downloaded on your Windows (works for Mac as well).

Firstly, you need to visit the homepage and install the tool. Once you install and start the application, you will be required to make your account, alongside entering your Instagram ID as well as the password. As soon as you take this action, you will be able to view the screen, containing a ‘drag and drop’ feature.

How to Upload Videos to Instagram from PC - Gramblr

Upon uploading the video, the tool will provide you with the option to trim your video before sharing it on Instagram. There will be a horizontally straight line, which can be dragged accordingly, to trim the video.

Once the trimming is complete, you need to select the red ‘thumbs up’ option towards the top of the screen, and you will be redirected to the last part of the process. This will include the option to create a caption for your video. You can also choose whether you wish to upload your video right now or schedule it to automatically upload at some later time. If you use Gramblr’s premium version, you will also be able to view your account history, as well as earn new followers.

After all these actions are completed, you will have to select the ‘Send’ button, displayed in green. Doing so will upload the video on your Instagram profile.


It is true that uploading videos through PC is something that Instagram should have enabled by now. However, it is a possibility that the company is deliberately trying to ensure that users stick to the mobile version of the app.

Though, as this article shows, there is no reason you should not be able to upload videos on Instagram through your computer. The methods discussed should not take you more than a few minutes to have your video up and running on your Instagram profile.

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