How To See Private Instagram Accounts? | An Ultimate Guide

I think all of you wanted once at least to see someone’s private account. Isn’t so? But the question is How to see private Instagram? If we talk about stalkers the viewing Instagram private account has always been a wish for them or some private user who is just interested in finding out what are their private Instagram picture or Instagram post and what is going on in someone’s Instagram account.

As a social media platform, Instagram pays a lot of attention to the privacy of its users and doesn’t let private Instagram profile viewers see other private accounts easily. But don’t be get disappointed!

I am writing this blog that contains some ways for those who want to reach someone’s private post & account. Read the details below!

What Do You Know About Private Instagram?

Instagram allows users to set their privacy who needs more. There is an option of private mode on Instagram. In this mode, other then Instagram followers no Instagram profile viewer see their private profile, Instagram photos, and overall private insta. Therefore, only the followers can see the posts and stories on a private account are the followers.

The reason behind private accounts is to hiding photos and videos from a private Instagram viewer in order to avoid any kind of misuse. Usually, someone with its fake account can save the private photo for making a fake Instagram account or to abuse the photos.

Who is an Instagram stalker?

Instagram stalkers basically spying someone’s account by watching their profile picture, latest photos, and videos. In other words, they are always looking for a way to view an Instagram user’s account for different purposes like abusing the user, checking the user out of curiosity or for fun.

how to see private instagram

Can Someone view a Private Instagram Account?

TBH, here are some ways to see posts of someone’s insta account. However, these ways are not considered to be moral. But you should keep in mind if you are an Instagram stalker then it is not recommended at all!

How To See Private Instagram?

Here is the answer to the most-awaited query. Kindly read this!

Use the doppelganger account

Creating a Dopplinger account is one of the most difficult ways to view a private Instagram account because you assure the user that you are their near one like a friend.  Follow me if you want to know about the trick:

You need to create a new Instagram account using the same profile photo, first name, and last name, bio, etc., Just pretend to be one of the current followers. The user can then be sure that one of their followers has created a new Instagram account, and you will have the opportunity to follow.

Send a DM to the user

For a straightforward person, this is a way by writing a compelling text and ask them to accept your follow request. Maybe the user might get affected by the text or maybe ignore the follower’s request. It entirely depends on your message and the user‘s psyche.

Try Google image

If the above two methods didn’t work or you just don’t like them, then you should try Google Image Search or any other image-based engine to help you find useful information about a particular person.

First of all, you should copy the username in the search box. Then, you should verify the results to see the user‘s footsteps.

Search the username on other platforms

If the user is smart and none of the above methods work, you can let go of their Instagram account and start finding at their other social media forums like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. People usually share the same image on different social media platforms because they have different followers on each platform. That’s why to search for usernames on other platforms as well. You need to enter the username at every platform and see the results to find the public account.

Create a fake Instagram account

This may be the first solution that comes to the user‘s mind, but it’s not a good way to view someone’s private account! Anyhow, if you’re going to create a fake Instagram account, Remember that you can’t send a friend request to an Instagram user after creating an account. You need to make the account look real, share posts, get followers, follow people, share stories, complete bio, etc. Then send a friend request to that person and wait for the request to accept.

Ask your friend

If you know someone who is the friend or follower of that person whom you stalk. Then you can ask them to share some of his/her posts with you. Moreover, following them would be helpful because friends share each other’s photos on their account.

Try some tools

There are some Instagram profile viewer tools and private Instagram viewer apps like a ghosty app that claims that they can help you in viewing someone’s private account. If any method would not work then you can try this.

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How to see who viewed my Instagram profile?

This is the most asked question by youngsters because they are curious whether their ex-boyfriend or girlfriend or a friend who is actually a no longer friend, etc. is stalking on them or not. Some of the unofficial apps and services are claiming that they can easily show users who are spying your account, but I must say that they are not genuine. In order to check who viewed your profile, you can use Instagram’s insight service to know the number of users who visited your account.

Wrap It Up!

In today’s world, nothing is impossible. If you will try these tactics then you may able to see private accounts. However, keep in mind that being an Instagram stalker is not good at all, and you should only use tips when it is important.

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