How To See Deleted Tweets? | The Most Effective Ways

Since 2011, Twitter has become the most popular social networking service and social media platform where a twitter user can post anything and interact via message sages known as “Tweets”. While using twitter people usually face the issue of ‘how to see deleted tweets?” when they accidentally or for any purpose, they delete their own tweet and then recovering it becomes a problem.

You may be wondering what kind of tweets can be found or viewed after you or someone else has removed it? Let’s find a solution for recovering the ‘deleted tweet‘. Therefore, here I am with some insightful information regarding the deletion of tweets. So give it a read!

How to See Deleted Tweets?

Let me make it clear first, you will not be able to recover the deleted tweets but you can find the similar ones which others have published.

So, a Twitter spokesperson said that, if you are looking for someone’s old tweets that are deleted already then you may not be able to find it. Yes, it may be possible if someone took a screenshot of that and it becomes viral in the public record then you may reach it. Therefore, the ultimate solution is to find similar tweets published by different people.

Here I am going to mention some better and fastest ways to find the database on Twitter rather than finding similar tweets.

Twitter Search On Google

It is not likely that you can find the deleted tweet content anywhere, but you can search the similar or exactly the same text on google. If you want google cache to find that deleted message on the Twitter website then add the website address before the text, for example, find my tweets.

Deleted Tweets Website 

Another way to find the deleted tweets is to look for them on the website that already had many tweets and archived millions of tweets like Twaku. So, you can visit these kinds of websites and type deleted tweets text in their search bar. Then search engine helps you to find all archives from the specific account by putting the twitter username just after the website name like search results would help you to narrow down your search.

Twitter Archive Data

here is another way to find your twitter data on its archive. You can send a request through the twitter profile, and once you receive the email that the data is ready, you can download it as a zip file.

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How To Find Twitter Archive of Deleted Tweets?

To get the archived twitter tweets to follow the simple and easy steps: 

  • Visit your Twitter account and click on the three-dots icon below your profile icon.
  • Tap on the setting (account).

How To See Deleted Tweets

  • Click on your twitter data.
  • Enter your twitter account password and confirm it.

Twitter account

  • You can see the request data. You can also download the periscope data.

twitter profile

  • After your data is ready, you will receive an email notification from the given email to our twitter account.
  • Then from the setting, you can download the zip file of your Twitter archive.

Please note that I’m not sure you can find deleted tweets here months ago. Still, you’ll receive data in which Twitter considers it relevant and valuable as they mentioned in the details of downloading the Tweet Archive.

Wrap It Up!

‘How to see deleted tweets?’ This query is no more a problem for Twitter users as I have explained different ways to find the deleted tweets. I hope this information will be helpful in finding the deleted Twitter Tweets. Share your views with us in the comment section below.

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