How To Hide Your Followers On Instagram? – Complete Information

During the age of Globalization, interdependence, and social media connectivity, privacy has become a serious issue for every Instagram user, Facebook, or any other app user. Now people are usually aware of each other controversial activities so they try to remain private or non-public. One of the most asked questions I am facing these days is that “how to hide your followers on Instagram?”.

While there is no such thing as hiding an Instagram follower, But this question brings some other privacy options that I want to share with you people.

  1. Hide Instagram activity from your followers.
  2. Hide Instagram posts, hide stories via story settings.
  3. Other alternatives include maintaining privacy on Instagram.

If you want to know about the details of these alternatives then spare your few minutes to read this article!

How to hide Instagram activity from Your followers?

Showing activity status means your likes, comments, follows, shares, etc. on Instagram. It is sometimes ridiculous to feel that whatever I do on Instagram will be judged by my followers and friends.

I am not talking about the public account because public account means show everything to everyone without any privacy. However, in private accounts, this bothers me when people monitored my actions. In short, All I do on Instagram is under detection! All this happens due to the following tab on Instagram.

Now the good news is that there is no following tab on Instagram profile. That means no one is able to spy anyone on the Instagram app. Instagram just give more privacy to its users and get them rid of being judged by others. You can now tap the activity status of yours, not others. Hence, no need to worry about hiding your activity status from your followers.

How You Can Hide Instagram posts from followers?

You can easily protect your content like your photos/videos, Instagram story, from a specific person, or from many of your followers. Here see how:

Hide photo/videos from followers on Instagram:

When you protect or archive photo or video or Instagram post, you post would not get removed, however, it gets hidden from your Instagram feed & profile tentatively. So that followers and friends would not see it anymore. In order to archive a post on your profile, go to that picture and do as follows:

  • You need to go back to that photo which you want to archive.
  • Then tap on the 3 vertical dots on the upper right corner of the photo.
  • You’ll see the archive option. Tap that.

how to hide your followers on instagram

  • Then you can also get back some of your photos from tapping the horizontal 3 lines on your profile top and then press on the archive to get that photo back.


Hide Instagram stories from certain followers

Some of your stories may become controversial if displayed to people who are not meant to see them. For this, it is good for you to hide that story from a particular person. While posting a story make a list of close friends and hide from the rest.

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Another alternative to Maintain More Privacy On Instagram

Turn to a private account

To keep your insta account private then this will assist you more to keep your profile’s privacy. With a private Instagram account, new people would not be able to see what you post, can’t tag, and follow you without your permission and cant spy you. Moreover, the identity of your current followers will be hidden from strangers.

  • Visit the profile page.
  • Then press the gear icon below (settings).
  • Then go to the account privacy and turn on the option.

account privacy


Block users

If want to get rid of some people on Instagram and what that person not able to see your insta posts then you can easily block that particular person. But one thing keeps in mind that they will know if you block them.

  • Go to their profile page.
  • Tap the three dots on the top right side.
  • Block him and confirm your option.

block user

Prevent The Cause

Be careful who you follow and let follow you and your posts on Instagram. Prevention is always better than cure. So, if you don’t want anyone to see your posts or followers, then be aware from the beginning.  Rather than hiding your followers on Instagram, just unfollow that person whom you don’t want to share the content or followers or re-check the content you are going to share. That way you’ll get relax about how to hide your Instagram followers.

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