How to get more viewers on Twitch

How to get more viewers on Twitch? 10 Effective Tactics

The question that most of the people ask me is “how to get more viewers on twitch”. Well, sometimes it becomes frustrating for a twitch streamer to get more viewers on twitch stream. While trying to attract twitch audience and increase twitch followers, the stream broadcaster may end up concluding wrong assumptions of his less viewer count and low twitch statistics. The user may doubt his skill level or stream set-up, and he may also say the game is too boring. But honestly, it is not the actual case rather its a matter of marketing. 

Most of the twitch broadcasters don’t know how to promote their live stream and get more audience. So here are 10 things you can do to get more viewers on your twitch stream and I am going to discuss them with you.

What is Twitch?

Twitch is one of the famous gaming platforms for streamers. A twitch user can use this platform to promote his gaming practices, adventures and to interact with other gamers around the world, and can also gather millions of fans and followers.

How To Get More Viewers On Twitch?- 10 Things You Can Do 

1.Networking with others

It is the simple and most effective tactic to increase your viewers. Everyone has a network of people who love to support, like your family and friends. So start off with them. Tell them about your twitch channel and they will surely love to support you.

Another thing you can do is to expand your network by chatting with other streamers. An active chat with streamers would make friendly relations with them and it will turn to be a mutual benefit for both. You may support their content and in turn, they will support yours.

Another interesting thing you can do is that you can start co-streaming with others to build your audience. Try connecting and playing with your favorite streamer. You will get a twitch partner too. Like that, you can get concurrent viewers and double your viewership.

2. Use social media

An interesting way to increase your average concurrent viewers is to use social media account to promote your content. This is what popular streamers do to get regular viewers.

Twitter and Instagram are the best options to promote your stuff. Your interesting gameplay will get live viewers so easily if you post them on your Twitter or Instagram.

You can put short clips on your Instagram and Snapchat stories to attract users to your channel. This may create a big difference in your twitch stats.

You can also create your Facebook page to promote your Twitch account. You can post regular updates, add content, and even link your Twitch stream. You can also use Facebook live features and Facebook video algorithms to live stream your broadcast on your Facebook directly.

You can also use gamer social media, This gaming platform has a special suit designed for streamers to get a focused Twitch viewer for their live streams. You can expand your gaming network and enjoy the gaming community on that.

how to get more viewers on twitch

3.LinkedIn for Gaming

Although LinkedIn is a professional social network you can also use it to promote your stream.

You can add in your LinkedIn profile and share a link as a content creator on Twitch. LinkedIn has a professional crowd which means you will be networking with potential sponsors, game developers, PR, other industry figures, and average viewers.

4.Post your stream on YouTube

YouTube is one of the most important platforms for Twitch users to promote their content. It can attract a massive audience to increase your viewership. This is what a successful streamer would prefer too.

There are millions of people searching for content on YouTube. If you use the right titles and descriptions, you may attract millions of viewers to your account. YouTube gaming is an essential tip for the promotion of your content and ensures guaranteed viewership.

The amazing thing about YouTube is that you are already creating video content while you are streaming so that you can directly use it to upload. The only thing you have to do is to record your streaming and upload it on you youtube channel.

5.Create your own Website

Creating your own website is not a difficult task anymore. You can easily set-up your website using WordPress and at a very affordable cost.

You can use your site to post your schedule, featured content, and important links for your content. The benefits you will get are much more than an ordinary streamer. You can easily control how the content displays on your website. Plus, it will look more professional than the other gamers. Furthermore, your content on your website will give you more visibility on different search engines that will increase your viewership.

Furthermore, you can use the “Twitch Live” plugin. On WordPress, you can install free “Steam Status for Twitch” which will allow viewers on your site to know whenever you are in life. It will direct regular viewers to your Twitch stream.

6. Find Game Forums

Game forums are active communities of gamers through which the interact, discuss and share about the game. You can google the forums for the game you play and join in with the community.

You should check out and follow the forum rules to not to get kicked out of it. Make sure that you give something in return to the community for their attention to your content.

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7.Join Relevant Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are another good platform for interaction with the community and boost your stream. There are groups for every game so you can search groups for the games you play and join in.

The Facebook group contains a huge community of gamers and fans so promoting your content over there could be the best option you have.

Along with that, there are Facebook groups that are specifically dedicated to Twitch streamers and broadcasters, named; Streamers, Twitch Streamers and Networking, and Twitch Connect.

8. Make your game username your twitch name

This is an interesting technique. If you are playing with other players, it will be easier for them to find you on Twitch as they have to find you out by searching from your username.

Another thing you can add to this is you can add “Twitch” or “TTV” with your username to let other gamers know that your username is also your Twitch name. Like that, they can conveniently search for you on Twitch.

9.Do commentary and join live stream events

A lot of events happening around in the gaming world like live tournaments, game launch events, or conventions. To enlarge your network of the audience, you can join these big events. Being a part of such events can easily help you popularize yourself and build you a strong part of the community.

If you do not want to join, you can do a live commentary on it. You can watch and commentate on them, give your opinion about them as they are happening. This can pull the fans and followers to you and give you a chance to advertise yourself too.

10. Join a stream team

Streamers can be viewers too. They also make some best viewers sometimes. When you join a stream team, you are basically a part of people who want viewers and who are willing to support each other in that matter.

Stream team can help each other by viewing each other’s content, give useful tips to improve, host each other, and promote each other on their social media.

Your team can also act as Twitch affiliate or Twitch partner and help promote your content on other platforms and forums as well.


So here are 10 things you can apply and adapt to get more views on Twitch stream. Pick up what you like the best and what is easy for you.

Now as I have told you how to get increase the number of viewers on Twitch live stream, so no need to be worried about fake viewers at all because now you don’t need them.