How To Find Facebook Username & User ID- Step By Step Guide

Facebook app is now one of the greatest social media platforms where people connect around the globe. As a Facebook user, you may also want to share your id with a friend or someone’s Facebook account but you don’t know how to find facebook username.

Facebook username and user id are parts of Facebook profile and it is anyone can see that from your custom URL. Firstly, once you open a Facebook account it will be based on your name (if available). If you want a custom Facebook username and link, you can change it later.

How To Find Facebook Username?

You may need your Facebook user ID to share on any Facebook business page or Facebook fan page for any kind of purposes like Facebook marketing, Facebook business or you may want to share it with your Facebook friends, etc. Although, the Facebook profile is your social media account which is becoming complex day by day in which you can hardly find what you are looking for.

If you are looking for your Facebook URL then you are at the right place. Even you can now find your user ID of other Facebook apps and games. Just read this blog to get comprehensive information about this.

How To Find My Username?

  • First of all, visit your Facebook profile
  • Then go to the personal profile settings.
  • Then click on General (account settings).
  • There you’ll find the username option, Click that!

how to find facebook username

That is actually your username or a display name that the public can see it in your Facebook link also. The same is the process for a mobile device.

You can also change your user name by clicking it and set a desired username or custom username for the public (Facebook URL)

Create Your Facebook Username

  • Go to your Facebook timeline.
  • Then go to the profile settings and click on General.
  • Click on the Username.
  • Type there and add your unique username if it is available.
  • Then click on save.

Now you can see the new Facebook username in your Facebook profile link in your browser web address.

*If you want to share it on any Facebook page or profile page with anyone you can simply put your username after just like this:

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How To Find Facebook User ID For Apps & Games On Facebook?

The Facebook user ID is slightly different from the Facebook username, which is a group of numbers associated with your profile and does not necessarily reveal your identity.

What Is The Purpose of a Facebook user ID?

  • Allow others to view your profile and public information. However, the privacy of your public information can also be controlled from settings.
  • It helps different apps to connect to your profile and get access to your public information. However, you have an allow option to give apps access to connect to your Facebook. Like, if you log in to the ludo star via Facebook, it means that you give permission to ludo star to access your public information.
  • If you face any issue with an app, user identification can also help developers to solve the problem. For example, once you contact the developer of a game app, they will ask for your Facebook user ID.

Follow the process to find your user ID.

How find Facebook user ID?

  • Go to the Facebook settings from the top right triangular icon.
  • Then click on the Apps and Websites option from the left menu.

facebook username

  • Find the app to whom you want it connected Facebook user ID.
  • Then click on the view and edit.

facebook user ID

  • Scroll down and then you’ll see Facebook user ID.

Wrap It Up!

I have explained every little detail to solve your query “how to find Facebook username & user ID?” Facebook is getting complicated after its every update. Therefore we are here to solve your queries. Hope this post will be helpful for you.

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