How to Clear Instagram Cache (iPhone & Android)

We see the term ‘cache’, as well as the option to clear it, at multiple points on our phones. But, what is a cache, and what function does it serve, especially on the popular Instagram application.

Instagram cache continues to increase as we surf the application and continue to view images posted by the people we follow. Why does the cache continue to build up? Its main function is to optimize performance and speed by not downloading images and videos that we have already viewed. Alongside enhancing speed, it also assists in preserving data. However, if you have been surfing Instagram for quite some time, then a significant amount of cache has already been accumulated and can take up a substantial portion of your phone’s space.

Therefore, in this article, we guide you through how to clear the Instagram cache on your phone.

Clearing Instagram cache on Android

Firstly, unlock the android device and look for the ‘Settings’ option and tap on it.

Clearing Instagram cache on Android

Once inside the settings option, you need to search for the ‘Apps’ segment. Where you will find this segment will depend largely upon the brand that you are using. In this particular brand, application settings can be modified in the ‘Apps and notifications’ section.

Clearing Instagram cache on Android

Amongst other things, the ‘Apps and Notification’ section will have a list of all the applications downloaded on your phone. Look for Instagram, and, once you find it, tap the option.

Clearing Instagram cache on Android

Selecting the Instagram option will lead you to a host of other options regarding the application. Look for ‘storage’, and select it. This will lead you to the point where you will find two options – ‘clear storage’ and ‘clear cache’.

Clearing Instagram cache on Android

Clearing Instagram cache on Android

Selecting ‘clear storage’ will remove all data, including account details. So, the next time you want to use Instagram, you will have to log on to the app again.

However, clearing the cache will erase only the application’s cache, but no other details.

You can also view how much cache has been compiled. Selecting ‘clear cache’ will erase all of it, and free up important storage space.

Clearing Instagram cache on the iPhone

iPhones, obviously, function differently to Android phones. So, iPhones do not really have an option to delete the Instagram cache.  Therefore, in order to perform this action on an iPhone, you will initially have to delete Instagram and then reinstall the application.

The first step is the same as that of Android – you need to go to the ‘settings’ section of the iOS device.

Once you open the ‘settings’ option, locate the ‘General’ menu, and then, from there, go to ‘iPhone storage’.

Upon entering the ‘iPhone storage’ option, you will be able to view all the applications installed on your iPhone. Scroll down on your phone, and you will be able to locate the Instagram application. Also, besides every single app, you will be able to check the quantity of storage that each one is consuming.

When you locate the Instagram application, select it, and then choose the option to delete it.

Once the deletion process is complete, look for the app store icon and select it. Search for the Instagram application, and install it again. You will find that the cache has been eliminated, along with all the other useless and junk files. This means that the size of the Instagram application on your phone has been reduced to normal.

In conclusion, these are the two straightforward ways in which you can remove Instagram cache, depending on whether you are an iPhone or an Android user. It is important to regularly clean your cache, and not allow it to accumulate beyond a certain level. Doing this, not only for Instagram but for all other applications installed on your phone, will make sure that the device continues to operate at its optimum speed and performance. Since Instagram is a highly-popular application and one of the most used one these days, it builds up a cache in a shorter time as compared to many other apps, which is why it is particularly crucial to keep checking your Instagram cache every few days.

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