How Does Facebook Suggest Friends – Everything You Need To Know About

Since Facebook has become an important part of our lives, we all love socializing and connecting with people through it. You might be wondering How Does Facebook Suggest Friends. Is this a matter of location settings, Friend Request, Facebook features, mutual friends, or what? I came to a well-researched conclusion of how does Facebook friend suggestion works. So now, I am here to share my knowledge and insight with you regarding this and how you may control your friend recommendation on the Facebook app.

What Do You Know About Facebook Friend Suggestion?

Facebook introduces its ‘Friend suggestion’ to Facebook users. This feature is based on the Facebook algorithm that considers factors such as the previous connections, activities, and the information on your profile like your bio.

To choose your own list of friends, you do not require Facebook permission rather you just need to understand how the Facebook algorithm and suggestion work and how to control it.

According to the Facebook spokesperson, the algorithm of Facebook is based on three main factors i.e interest, timing, and connection. These three factors affect how Facebook chooses a person that it suggests to you, and how Facebook knows who would be the next suggestion.

How Does Facebook Suggest Friends?

If you don’t know about the working of friend suggestions on the Facebook account then relax! Here I am going to explain to you how Facebook friend suggestion work and how it depends on your interests. So if you are interested to know about some facts that how it works then come after the next section below:

1. Friends You Add On Facebook

Once you add someone, Facebook gets an idea about what kind of people you are interested in. So, Facebook starts giving you suggestions according to your interest. In this way, you are getting friend suggestions in your news feed.

2. Friends Of Friends

One of the most common suggested friend preferences is your mutual friend. You will notice that you might have more than 50 mutual friends with someone and sometimes no mutual friends at all. So, friend suggestion on Facebook depends on your mutual friends.

3. Your Bio On Facebook Profile

Friend suggestions also depend on the way you fill-up the bio in your profile. Such as the information regarding your school, education information, location information, and also your family members. Facebook would find and suggest those people who lie in the same category.

4. Likes & Comments

If you like a Facebook page regarding some kind of technology or you like posts and comments on it then it may affect the Facebook friend suggestion. Facebook will suggest people within similar categories to each other.

5. The Profiles You Visit

If you frequently visit a Facebook profile, this will send a clue to Facebook that you are interested in it. Then Facebook will add this profile in your suggestion list.

6. Your Phone Contacts

It is also possible that your imported contacts or phone numbers from your cell phone to google contacts affect your Facebook friend suggestions. So, you can see those people in your suggested friend list and also in the messenger app.

7. Search Bar On Facebook

Every term you search on the Facebook search bar, it will get an indication and it will start suggesting you the related stuff.

8. Google Search

It is a supposed factor of a Facebook friend suggestion, that when we log into Google, Facebook gets access to our searched terms, and then it gives suggestions accordingly.

*Once I was looking for Harvard University at Google, and after some days I noticed that I got a suggestion of the students of the university I have explored. However, it is not a fact yet but I am just sharing my experience.

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Does Facebook Suggest Friends Who Have Searched For You?

According to Facebook, the answer is No! It may be possible if both of you have a large number of mutual friends. Only then, Facebook gets a clue that you people might know each other and then it recommends that person to you.

So, these all are the facts that Facebook considers while suggesting a friend to you on Facebook. Now it’s up to you to decide if it is a fake account or a potential friend of yours. There is nothing to do with privacy settings or locations.

How To Send A Friend Suggestion To Someone on Facebook?

You cannot send your name suggestion to someone else unless you add someone which is mutual. Therefore, Facebook has an option to share a profile. Here are some simple steps that you have to follow to find your profile URL and share it with someone else.

Step 1: First, go to your Facebook profile.

Step2: Click on the three dots icon.

Step3: Then you will get your profile link at the bottom of the page.

Step4: Copy that link and paste where you want to share.

how does facebook suggest friends

In this way, you can send a suggestion to someone.

How To Manage Facebook Suggested Friends Notifications?

Follow the two tips below if you are not interested in having friend suggestions or notifications regarding this:

Tip 1: Do not accept friend requests that do not match your interests. Once you will do so, you’ll start getting similar suggestions.

Tip 2: Add only those people who you like and are according to your interests. If they accept your request, then Facebook will bring only related users to you.

You cannot get rid of suggestions by turning them off. However, you can prevent having new suggestions. You just need to follow these two tips and Facebook will get a clue that you are no longer interested in making new friends or connections. Therefore, ┬áit will stop sending you irrelevant suggestions. Moreover, you can also tap to hide ‘People you may know’ to avoid such suggestions.

How does Facebook prevent you from sending friend suggestions?

So finally Facebook stops sending you friend suggestions, but how? I can share my experience with you! When I stop accepting new friend requests and when I am no longer interested in making new friends, that time Facebook got some indications and it stops sending me further suggestions. So it’s up to you when and how to avoid friend’s suggestions on Facebook by following these tips.

If you want to perform better on social network and app like Facebook, then you have to follow some social media measures to enjoy and get benefits according to your interest.



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