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Why Follow For Follow Twitch Strategy Is Not Effective?

Is Follow for Follow twitch is just a waste of time? Let’s talk about it! If you are a twitch streamer and you like this strategy even though it is just a waste of time then you must read this post to get an idea of the best alternatives that will save your time.

Don’t worry it absolutely make sense! Just imagine you are live on your twitch streaming platform. Suddenly, all of your real followers get a notification and comes to your live streaming. A flood of followers comes to your twitch channel and your views counts exceed from 50 to 100 and then 200. Your followers keep coming because they find that a popular streamer is live on his twitch account.

Relax, Don’t forget it was ‘Just an imagination!’

Then what do you think the top streamers do? If this is true then they definitely have thousands of followers and they surely turn into live viewers every time. You must be thinking about increasing your twitch follower.

Before that, you need to know how easy is to increase the followers’ list for a twitch user and how it will end.

In order to boost your follower‘s count you need to follow some steps below:

  • Approach twitch follow for follow communities where you can easily exchange follows like other thousand streamers.
  • Disturb your fellow streamers by posting a comment in their social media posts and offer follow for follow twitch.
  • Full their inbox with your messages and let them know how gracious you are that you’ll become a new follower of them if they follow you first.

Although it is something like sacrificing your own importance just to achieve your goals.

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How Follow For Follow Twitch really Ends Up?

After spending your hours following other streamers to increase your follower count and suddenly you realized some of the content creators or followers just unfollow or not following you back because they got irritated.

Anyhow! you see an increase in your followers’ list. You’ll think that this strategy works like heaven! Then again you start finding streamers and apply this F4F strategy.

Reality Hits!

On your next twitch stream, you realize that with a massive increase in your follower count, your viewer count is still low..although you are managing everything perfectly then Why?

You started thinking that you got many followers and the same strategy is applied by other streamers then what I did wrong?

Why Follow 4 Follow Strategy Failed?

In reality, follow for following back does not work and it would not increase your real-time viewers.

In fact, what you are doing is wasting your time for the sake of falsehood. Because at the end of the day it doesn’t make sense. You just got impressed with other streamers who are trying to collect thousands of followers using this strategy.

This means that if they follow you too, their follow-up feed is messing up with hundreds of other streamers. That means they are not interested in using it to find streamers to engage in.

follow for follow twitch

‘Follow for the following strategy is only useful to increase your real-time viewers when they are people actually interested in your stream. These people then go to their follow button, then see your stream, and click to watch your stream.’

keep in mind that other streamers are not your real viewers or audience. Many people just want to stream and create their own audience. What you need to do is focus on networking with them, not forcing them to be your viewer.

Follow For Follow Is Difficult For Networking

One way to connect with the other streamers is to join in their streams. If you’re following thousands of people, you’re going to shuffle your list of followers.

Isn’t it good to host someone at the end of your stream? Fortunately, you’re scrolling through your list of followers on short notice to find some people you’re networking with.

Follow For Follow Twitch Is Just A Spam

Many streamers are against this strategy because they are smart ones. They just want organic traffic on their streamings. If you do F4F then you are just wasting your time. It is not a worthy strategy and it burns your potential twitch partner and he will never value you again.

Definitely, some of you want more followers to be more successful, but the average viewer focuses only 3 factors:

  • Current viewers count.
  • Is your chat is active or not?
  • Your content creativity.

They hardly hear about your follower count unless you promote it. Moreover, streamers will be able to understand and tell you that you have got fake followers after watching your concurrent viewer count.

Wrap It Up!

Instead of wasting your time at follow for follow twitch strategy, you should focus on reviewing real marketing strategies that would be beneficial for you. Followers are not a path of success rather your live viewers, subscribers, and audience is something that matters. What you need to do is approach your audience, not other streamers and ask them to join your streaming.