Facebook Page Not Eligible For Username

Facebook Page Not Eligible For Username | Complete Solution

If you are a public figure and have created a Facebook business page or even a fan page and you also want that Facebook page to be found well. For that purpose Facebook allows you to generate a page’s username which is also called a vanity URL or custom URL. This URL can also be used on business cards or newspapers etc. But unfortunately, when you try to create a page display name or username you’ll receive an error sayingFacebook page not eligible for username‘.

Moreover, One of the social media app i.e Facebook help pages really offer no help. Anyways, this article is going to help you in this regard and offer you a solution to this problem. Just give it a read!

Reasons Behind ‘Facebook Page Not Eligible For Username’

To create a Facebook username for a fan page, you need to be a site administrator. However, this is not enough. Before creating a page username for the supervised Facebook fan page, the following conditions must be met:

  1. The fan page or any other Facebook business-related page must already have a minimum of 25 Likes.
  2. You must not have created more than one FB page.
  3. Moreover, your personal profile should be verified.
  4. Your Facebook profile must not be newly created.
  5. Your Facebook account username must be defined.

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Solution To The Problem

Unfortunately, Facebook help pages do not address this type of problem. If you fulfill the first requirement for your page verification of 25 likes then you need Facebook verification of your personal Facebook account and set a custom username. But the problem is How you are going to get 25 likes especially when your Facebook account is newly created?

Pro Tip:

How you will be able to instantly get 25 likes for the admin account to create the desired username? Here is my personal experience when I created my new business page and I was unable to set my page name. Then I added my friend’s email instead of mine as an admin for my Facebook page who has a pretty good amount of likes and got him to log into the Facebook page and create a username. Then I deleted the temporary admin account which I only needed for a couple of minutes

There are now other two Requirements that can be met quite easily:

Verify your personal Facebook account:

  1. Open the page’s settings of Facebook.
  2. Then in settings select the Mobile option.

Facebook Page Not Eligible For Username

  1. Enter your mobile phone number there to verify your account.
  2. Then for verification, Facebook will send you a confirmation code via SMS.
  3. Enter the received confirmation code into the given field

Set Desired Facebook Username:

  1. Open the settings of Facebook.
  2. Go to the general account settings.

page's username

  1. Then set your username for your personal Facebook account

Now Facebook users can create their username and Facebook page URL easily for their fan page or business page & make their Facebook marketing more productive.

Create Your Page Username

To set a username for the Facebook page of your local business or anything else, you have to click on Info in the left menu of the fan page. Then On the following page, you will find in the top part of the menu: Create a username for the page.

Wrap It Up!

This is one of the basic problems that I have addressed above and many people face while creating their new Facebook fan page or business page. Unfortunately, Facebook itself is unable to help its users. But no need to be worried about it as I have explained everything clearly to set a Facebook page username.

Hope this article helps you and solve your issue regarding ‘Facebook page not eligible for username

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