Flawless Facebook Cover Photo Size For Perfect Outlook

The Facebook cover image creates an influence to differentiate social media marketing with just simple social media usage. A perfect Facebook cover photo size should be a top priority on your Facebook timeline & in news feed suggestions.

If you are running some kind of business then your Facebook page‘s profile picture and Facebook cover photo must be branded and represent your business. You should know every deep detail regarding Facebook business page cover photo size in inches, Facebook profile size, it’s quality and perfect optimization for its display

This post is going to give you proper information regarding photo dimensions and safe zones for the perfect outlook on Facebook mobile apps and desktop.

You will also get complete knowledge about how to deal with Facebook cover photo size and best cover image dimensions that will help you to represent your business exactly how you want. Just take a look!

Facebook Cover Picture Size

Your timeline cover size should be 820 pixels by 312 pixels on computers. If we talk about mobiles then the cover size must be 640 pixels by 360 pixels. No doubt it’s a little bit tricky because Facebook cover displays differently on smartphones and desktop but you can manage this if you are a frequent Facebook user. Hence, I prefer to use this dimension  and you need to keep all text and graphics in the middle as per the specs below:

Timeline Cover Photos | Desktop Vs Smartphone

You can create your FB cover at an online Facebook banner maker or any other best application. When you try to design a Facebook cover photo, keep in mind that the cover image is displayed separately on mobile and desktop. But if you plan to create a cover with safe zones in mind then you’ll get accurate image size that will give a perfect presentation on both mobile and desktop.

It is an advantage that Facebook app crops cover photos automatically. On your smartphone, your Facebook cover photo will crop out the sides, while showing more of the cover photo’s height. However, on a laptop, Facebook shows a great width of a cover picture, and on a mobile phone it cop down the top and additional bottom. So, you must try to use  820 pixels by 360 pixels FB cover dimensions and create with accuracy. You can also use Facebook cover photo size app of facebook image sizes app while designing.

How to Design Your Facebook Cover Photo with Snappa?

Do you want to create your cover photo within seconds at Snappa? It is a free tool with a variety of Facebook cover photo template which is easy to use. If you are ready to create your cover image at Snappa for your timeline then follow the step by step procedure.

 Facebook Cover Photo Size

Step 1: First of all, create your Snappa account.

Step 2: Then click the option below headers and banners that is one of the pre-made perfect cover photo sizes.

Step 3: After selecting this option, you can choose your preferable customized Facebook cover template to create a Facebook cover from scratch.

Step 4: Now you can create your cover by choosing a profile image of your choice or you can upload a photo from your own gallery as a cover for your Facebook account. You can add, texts, shapes, adjust opacity, cropping, dragging, add layers, or whatever you want easily.

You’ll notice the mobile and desktop zones in an overlay for your cover. So, you just no need to be worried about text and graphics getting cut off.

What Should Be My Facebook Cover?

In addition to choosing anything related to our quality and our business, it can be difficult to know what your cover photo should feature. It depends on you, your business, and what you believe your target audience will accept most.

Some great ideas for using cover photos include:

  • Use your cover photo To drives sales or lead generation

I believe that “social” should come before “marketing” in social media marketing, but it doesn’t mean there is no space for growth in your business. The purpose of a cover image is to promote sales or leads, along with the relevant Call-to-action, which can bring perfect results without additional work.

  • Feature UGC

UG content is one of the most influential marketing tools. Using this authentic type of content in your cover image can lead to mutual improvement and loyalty.

  • Advertise your upcoming events

If you are going to conduct a webinar, a conference, a Facebook event, or even a social contest coming soon, don’t hesitate to feature it on your Facebook cover photo.

  • Display product features & benefits

It may be linked to sales, but exposure to product benefits can also immediately separates it from the competition.

  • Show off your store

If you have a storefront or office space where at your residence. Then it can create a beautiful image, creates a perfect profile, and increase foot traffic.

  • Feature team members & employees

Employee generated content can be as valuable as UGC, and the real employees feature on your cover can grow your business.

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Mistakes That You Should Avoid

While choosing your Facebook cover photo you need to avoid some mistakes that will certainly detract users from your Page. These mistakes include:

Using Similar Cover Image

Facebook header images differentiate at various Facebook events and groups. Use appropriate dimensions to improve your pages. Use different photos instead of repeated ones.

Avoid Extra Text

The small and precise text will be better for branding purposes. Some pictures are just text overlays against substantial backgrounds. This is usually not a good move, even if you are focusing on a highly motivated reference. Rather, your Facebook cover photo actually represents your whole profile.

Avoid Too Much Clutter

We have seen so many pictures on social media that confuse the user and can give them a headache. There are so many colors and focal points and things to see. While this may sound appealing at first glance even it will catch the user’s eye. However, it’s hard to focus on and it can be sloppy.

Don’t Choose Something Common Or Generic

If you want to make your cover photo more attractive then don’t choose a generic image that could be about your business somehow would not have the impact that you’re looking for.

Not Adding Branding

Incorporating branding just like your logo into the image can make a big difference to your brand identity.

Where to Find Significant Cover Photos?

Some amazing cover images will now be made of graphics, such as Buffer and Drip. There are many other resources if you don’t have a high-quality cover image that you have taken yourself. Read below some of the resources:

Here are some websites with breathtaking photo stocks. Such as StockSnap, Pexels, and Unsplash. They offer free stock photos for commercial use.

User-generated content is also free and widely available. Some UGCs are of very high quality, and many users will be honored if you use them as part of their cover image.

Wrap It Up!

The perfect Facebook cover photo size and dimensions create a great impression with new users. When your image appears on both mobile and desktop, it looks good when the odd crop is not used or the image appears in the out center. Combining the perfect cover photo size with Facebook Cover Photo helps you in growing your business fastly.

What do you think? How does your ideal Facebook cover photo look like? Share your views in the comment section below!

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