Can You See Who Views Your Instagram Videos? – An Effective Guide

Here comes another relevant question after Instagram story viewers. “Can you see who views your Instagram videos“. Instagram users are usually curious about new Instagram features like story features, photos, and video viewers, etc.

The Instagram app continues to bring more uniques features for its users. People usually post their videos on Instagram profile and they become curious to see their viewers. That’s why I gathered some insightful information to share with you people in order to solve your query. just give it a read!

Why People Are So Concerned About Video Views?

People are continuously changing their social media platforms. As we know, the network has over 1.5 billion active users per month. This number is too large.

If only a few of these people were persuaded to watch your video post, you could easily get a million views and it would not take you hours to get it.

Can You See Who Views Your Instagram Videos

For every Instagram account owner, Instagram video views and audience is much significant. After all, video posts and Instagram live video engage the followers more than regular pictures. The best thing is you and others can see the number of video viewers. This would show the popularity of videos, that can attract more people to watch it. They become curious after watching the views that what kind of content is this. So they would also prefer to see it.

The question is would you able to see who views your Instagram videos? No? Let’s find out!

Recommendations Regarding Video Viewers

There are many third-party apps and programs that allegedly help to find out the profiles of the viewers. This is not really the case and these requests do not carry out the process as they claim.

It is recommended that Instagram account holders should try to avoid the use of such types of applications on social media platforms. If you do so your account and personal information may get stolen.

The main purpose of apps that claim to be able to show video viewers is to steal your data that can be later misused.

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Can you see who views your Instagram videos?

The only right way to track who viewed your insta video is to use a handy tool in the app. However, Instagram would not provide you the option to see the profiles that viewed the Instagram videos, but you and others can see the number of viewers is available. 

  1. Open the Instagram profile.
  2. Select a particular video that you want to see its viewers.
  3. Right down the video, you will see a view count. Click that.
  4. Like this, you can see the viewers on your Insta account.

This option is available on Instagram latest version (7.17.1). If this option is not available to you, go to the play store or app store for the iPhone to check for updates if there are any.

Moreover, If you want to check your viewers then you need to shift your account from personal to a business account, and that is not tough. If you have at least 100 followers, it shows statistics such as audience activity, and content-related details.

Wrap It Up!

I hope this article will be helpful for you as I have explained the Instagram users everything above. Still, if you want to ask anything from us you can tell us in the comment section below.

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