Can You See Who Views Your Instagram Profile?- Complete Details

Can you see who views your Instagram profile? No? Many people can see their profile visitors. Everyone wants to know about who visits their profile frequently and secretly. Although, Instagram followers can see that who likes your photo, Instagram video post, or any Instagram post and the Instagram story you are unable to find out who is your Instagram stalker and views your profile. Even there have been lots of apps that claim they can show the visitor information to you. Instagram still has some alternative options to know who is taking an interest in your profile.

I am writing this blog to solve your query and explain to you the alternatives from which you can be able to see the Instagram profile viewer. So give it a read!

Can you see who views your Instagram profile?

Do you want to know who has viewed the profile? Unfortunately, Instagram and almost all other social media apps don’t let Instagram users to get notified about their visitors’ information sue do some privacy concerns.

let’s suppose, you were able to see profile views, and all the users were aware of this. Therefore, no one becomes interested in viewing other profiles because they might feel insecure. These types of activities might reduce the visitors to your profile. While Instagram is seriously concerned about its company and it is not worthy of ruining its popularity with this kind of feature.

Therefore, almost all social media platform applications prohibit the disclosure of visitor information. If you claim that third-party apps claim to give you visitors’ information in exchange for your information, please report this app.

Anyways, Instagram app and also Facebook has provided some alternative ways to know who is interested in visiting the profile, such as Instagram stories views list, Instagram highlights, etc.

How can I see the number of visitors to my Instagram Account?

Instagram has provided an option to see the number of visitors of Instagram account just to know about the popularity of content or account itself to the Instagram account holders. Knowing the number of profile visitors is only available on the Instagram business account or Instagram page regarding some business or creators profile.

Therefore, if you want to see how much your account is viewed every week, you need to switch a private account to a professional business account. This action is really easy and straightforward. You just need to go to the privacy settings and account settings.

Once you convert your personal profile to a business profile, you can easily watch Instagram insights within a few hours but the thing is you must have more than 100 followers.

Can You See Who Views Your Instagram Profile

Can You See The Instagram story Viewers?

Instagram provided you an option to see who has seen the Instagram stories. After 24 hours of sharing stories you will unable to see them again.. If you archive or Instagram highlights the stories, you can still see the number of Instagram stories viewers but not the profile visits of the people or insta stalker who have viewed them.

Since 2016, Instagram has introduced the stories feature on Instagram. They made it possible for account holders to find out who had seen their stories. This option is only available for new stories, which have only 24 hours. After 24 days of story sharing, even if you highlight the story, you won’t be able to see who already view your story.

If we talk about Instagram videos, the viewer is not available, and you can see who just liked the videos. Not every viewer. But the number of viewers available on the feed for both Instagram profiles and Instagram videos.

Would You able who views your Instagram videos?

Unfortunately No, Instagram would provide you the option to see who has viewed the Instagram videos, but you can definitely see viewers count. Even every person on insta can see the viewer count on videos.

This will show the popularity of the videos, which may be more interesting to see the list of viewers themselves. This hidden list may be due to Instagram’s policies to keep visitors informed.

If a person comments on your post or likes it, then you will be able to see the viewers who have even saved the videos.

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Wrap It Up!

If you want to have the same statistics, you should switch from personal to a business profile, which is free and easy. If you have at least 100 followers, then it reveals profile statistics, like information about audience statistics, activity, and content.

I hope you’ll get the desired information from this blog. Share your comments below!

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