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Get Information About Best Times To Stream On Twitch

Live streaming on twitch platform gives content creators an opportunity to reach live viewers all around the world at any suitable time. But choosing the best times to stream on twitch has also an impact on the twitch viewer count. However, time management matters a lot at a live streaming platform.

Here I gathered the best possible facts that’ll help you to decide twitch stream time being a twitch streamer.

What is the Best time for Twitch?

Time is the key to success for streamers just like location is the key to success for a businessman. Twitch broadcasters need to set their streaming schedule for gaming to increase their viewers count.

Two things are necessary to keep in mind as a broadcaster when looking into twitch stats regarding time.

  1. What would be the peak time of viewers?
  2. What is the relation between peak viewer times live streamers count?

Let’s get information about it!

Twitch Peak Viewership Time

According to TwitchTracker the lowest viewer stream schedule is around 3:00 a.m EST. Die to GMT they show us five hours onward.

This firmly extends until about 1:00 p.m. EST where it continues until 3:00 p.m. EST. Then it slowly declines for 12 hours until 3:00 a.m. EST. The same trend you see on other social media popular stat website. The trend is the same because it starts according to US time morning and Europe time evening. This time is the viewers’ peak time on the twitch channel.

Twitch Peak Time For Streamers

This is the thing to understand how many streamers are competing for the twitch user or viewers’ attention? If we overlap the streamer count on total viewers, something interesting will happen. At first, this may seem like an increase in viewers and a similar rise in streamers but with time this is not something like that actually!

If you start streaming in the morning then there are more chances of getting a larger viewer base, without competing many streamers.

After its peaks, the streamer‘s count stabilizes while the viewer‘s count decreases. Which means it’s about to be the most critical time when streamers are struggling for viewers.

You can see the ratio in the Sullygnome graph.

best times to stream on twitch

Sullygnome Graph

Green color represents that viewers per channel, higher green line means easier to get viewers. The blue signifies live channels. If it is lower than green then it is an advantage for the streamers to grab the viewers. If we talk about only thousands of viewers then you can reach more viewers during these best times to stream on twitch. Here are some other factors also:

  • The similarity in the language of streamer and audience.
  • What game is on your live streaming and on what time.
  • What other streamers are doing?

These factors have an impact on your viewers’ count.

Read the details of these factors!

What Other Streamers Are Doing?

You should try to do something different when everyone goes on right you need to go on left.

Are They Celebrity Streamers?

Here is a streamer streamed Kripparian who controlled the late-night Hearthstone space. When his streaming starts, Hearthstone Streams will be able to see a rise in their view count. These channels attract a lot of viewers no matter what you do. People just take interest when Krip is online.

In these types of situations, you need to start your streaming when they are going to end their streaming because those viewers need to go somewhere. You may get a chance to get a lucky host from the popular streamer after their stream ends.

Don’t feel bad that you should not need to start streaming. because of other big streamer is live. Just be positive and play smartly.

View Peak Time For The Game You play

Time varies according to the game. In order to know about peak time, you can see the twitch strike. This is also beneficial to think about the audience you’re streaming with. Try to make your schedule according to the audience and games as some games have more and older audiences than others.

Fortnite and Minecraft are having a younger audience watching as compared to games like Magic (the Dungeons & Dragons). Working hours matter really and the crowd normally stays up later.

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What schedule works Suits You?

You need to have a lighter schedule so that you focus properly. A lot of streamers did a mistake of making a passionate schedule and then they cannot manage it. This can confuse your concurrent viewers that you are on live streaming or not.

Your availability and your energy in a live streaming matter a lot. Find a proper time in which you can manage your work with full energy and good mood and then get full results on your live streaming. If you can’t entertain your audience properly at a specific time slot, then your average concurrent viewership doesn’t matter.

Available Network opportunities

The available links you have can help to increase the quality of your content and influence your twitch viewership. This can help you usually to grow faster than streaming in the best possible time slot.

If you have friends and you are a part of the Twitch streaming community then these experiences can help you to grow faster rather than being a person with no experience and no connections.

What Would Be The Best Times To Stream On Twitch?

Choosing the right time to stream will make a big difference in reaching your audience. Although the best time response will be different for everyone.

Use statistics here and plan to reach the maximum audience. Consider the game you are playing live, the audience you want to reach, and your time & resources.

Give it some serious consideration about how you can manage your work. Remember, flexibility and regularity are the most important. After setting your schedule then stick to it for a favorable time period so that you get used to it. Then adjust yourself according to the upcoming opportunities.